Thursday, 22 September 2016

Cute High Earth Defence Club Love! Love!

this is the second season of the magical boy show.

the plot is....... really not needed... 5 magical boys fight monsters of the week with the power of love and baths.
The first season was really funny and the second one is just as good.... less Hiroshi Kamiya this time but oh well... the bits that he is there are pure perfection.

I loved this show... i hope we get a season 3 cause it's just so fun and goofy.

I don't think the first season was quite so... BL focused... however unlike other shows with BL it's not at all discreet about it... they love each other and i don't think anyone could argue that.

the focus is also less on the monsters and more on the reason why the monsters are being sent and i found that to be an interesting change.

One thing i didn't like? the first season dvds are stupid expensive (i'm talking 70 bucks for 4 episodes... which even in the early aughts i never saw it going that high) and i have a feeling Pony Canyon will pull that shit with this season too so no matter how much i WANT to buy this... i'm not going to be able to and that is just irritating. Cause i love this show and would like to support it.

but seriously season three better have more Kin-chan..... cause he is just too precious.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


I'm not entirely sure how to tackle this.

Servamp is about a boy who likes everything logical... one day he pics up a cat off the streets.... only the cat is actually a vampire and he accidentally forms a contract with it and now nothing is simple.

past that the story is also about the 7 servamps... one for each deadly sin... as well as a mysterious 8th that just wants to murder them all.

but despite all that world building there isn't much in the way of story... which is a little disappointing since i did like the show... at least to a point.

It almost feels like this was supposed to be longer but instead they tried to cram everything into 12 episodes and in the end you get nothing. no story, no character arc and probably the must rushed ending i have ever seen.

but i can't hate it, the characters are fun and their individual stories are all very good... i wish with it added up more to the bigger picture. i'm assuming the manga is better cause it would have more time on it's side....
however one of the more interesting aspects of the show are the visual metaphors done through camera/sound effects or alternate storytelling methods and i wonder if you lose that in the manga...  i just don't know with this one.

I liked it... but i can't recommend it unless you just want a pretty show to look at with interesting take on vampires... that just so happens to go nowhere and explain nothing... it doens't even explain why it's own rules do not seem to apply when it matters...

oh well. maybe they will make another season? no idea where they would go from here but it could happen.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Sweetness & Lightning

why is this show only one cour? i want more.

This is an episodic show about a teacher who recently lost his wife and him learning how to raise he young daughter all by himself. The main focus is him learning how to cook.

Now before  isaw it i was worried it would go down the bunny drop route (aka super cute until it gets so creepy)
but this doesn't go that way... and thank goodness for that.
the show made me laugh, cry and most importantly it made me want to try some new recipes (i'm a good baker... cooking is not my strong suit... unless you like your proteins overcooked... then i'm the best cook ever)

I have a feeling there is a lot more in the manga (which like the show is on crunchyroll so yay!) so i'll definitely be reading that and hoping this gets another season... with it being episodic i just want more

it's a great show and i highly recommend, you can watch it over on crunchyroll

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World

When this show first started (with a very long first episode) i was hesitant...
So many of these "being sucked into a game/game like world" stories suck.
However when the gimmick was introduced i was hooked and i knew it would be a good time.

The show follows Natsuki Subaru, a shut in nerd who gets transported to another world while on his way back from the convenience store.
it's never explained how or why this happens... it just happens.
anyways in the new world he has a chance encounter with a silver haired half elf, after spending the day with her things go horribly wrong and they both end up dying.
except in Subaru's case this seems to be more of a minor inconvenience then anything else... he opens his eyes and he's back at the time and place he started his adventure in this new world... like he reloded a safe file but with all his memories in tact.

so the goal is simple, make sure to get through the day without anyone dying... .which is a lot harder then it sounds.

Now i will say i hope there is a second season for this (it'll probably take a few years since currently i believe the anime is ahead of the novel) since there is so much left unexplained. (the nature of a certain character, why subaru was transported in the first place, what the selection process for the next ruler really entails) however if this is really all there is the ending isn't bad.... i'm just curious is all.

I will say there was one thing i didn't like... there is a chunk after the halfway point where the show is really hard to watch. I can't even begin to describe how close i was to dropping the show myself at that point. I will say push through it... it ends, it was a stupid thing for the creators to wallow in for as long as they do... but it does end and get better (in my opinion)

This show wont be for anyone... not everyone can get behind the gimmick and i understand that, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and would call it one of the better shows of spring/summer.

plus the art is very pretty
and the first ending song makes me so happy....

You can watch it all on Cruchyroll

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

So spirit of Justice released today, and  I am a huge Ace Attorney fan.... however I have had Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (Layton vs Wright) on my shelf for a few years now.

The game was really good, i enjoyed it.... but for whatever reason i didn't rush through it.

so with the announcement of the new game i wanted to beat this one... so i sat down and had a really good time.
Cause WOW this game is good.

While i feel the layton games as of late have been kind of lacking (a lot more puzzles that deal with mazes or sliding and a lot less logic puzzles) the AA series has been getting better and better... and it makes me a little sad that some mechanics will probably not be used in the new title.

still i'm skipping ahead.

One day a girl appears at Laytons office carrying a large tome called "Historica Labyrinthia" and she asks the puzzle professor for help... this in turn ends up getting himself and Luke pulled into a book.... eventually the same thing happens to our fav Ace Attorney and his psychic assistant.
While in this town of Labyrinthia they find out everything is controlled by a story and witches are feared. Even just being a witch is a crime punishiable by throwing them into a pit of fire.

Of course layton has been through many mysteries and works to figure out what makes the town tick... meanwhile phonix works to prove the innocence of those wrongfully accused of being witches.

The game is split almost 50/50 between the two styles. while in town you can gather clues and solve puzzles. While in the witches court it's a normal AA game with a few twists.  the biggest change is that all the witnesses take the stand at the same time... and can react to what others have said to open up further questioning. this is a feature i REALLY like and wish would happen in other games but i know probably wont.
Also the hint coins from the Layoton series can be used in court to give you that push if you are unsure which line to press or present evidence for.
I also like the item UI but again... not crying about the fact that it wont look like that in spirit of justice.

At first i felt like the game was way too simple.... but as the story progressed and got darker and frankly more heart breaking i became more and more invested... one of the trails actually had me crying really hard because it just kept doing one "that is not ok" moment after another... and there was just the feeling of "who gave you the right" as it was punctuated by the saddest rendition of the happiest song ever.... man it was good.

part of me is tempted to say this is my fav of both series........ but then i remember how much i love Godot and.... well i'll say if it's not number one it's probably tied.

I really hope (even though i know it's unlikely) that we get a Layton Vs Wright 2.... nothing would make me happier.

Granted the free DLC chapters you get after beating the game were so enjoyable... very meta but i just couldn't help but smile.
Also the bonus art of Layton in AA style and Phoenix in Layton style was priceless.... also old timey clothign Edgy and larry buttz.... things i didn't know i needed.

however now i can go onto to Spirit of justice with no regrets.... and i can hope maybe one day we get the sherlocke homes AA game cause WOW that looks fun~

one final note, i need to play more European translated games... it was so nice seeing things spelled properly~ a petty note but still it made me smile.

if you can find it get a physical copy of this game and show capcom we love physical copies!... i mean in the end i'm just happy to have the game but i like not filling my memory card this much lol.

in the end.... thank you level - 5 and capcom.... i know it probably wasn't the easiest thing to mesh these two games together... but you did it perfectly.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fire Emblem Fates: Hidden Truths and Heirs of Fate

I thought i was done writing about this particular games but apparently no.... i'm not.

first off i'll try not to spoil anything more then just the general concept of the story DLC.

Hidden Truths 1&2:
These chapters show how three characters made their way from a similar but different game... and the mission that only they know they are on.

It's good, it fills in some story bits which is kinda nice but of the two Story DLC packs it's very short.

Heirs of Fate:
So when i said I was just going to beat the story DLC and move onto the next game i thought i was only talking about Hidden Truths
Apparently for about 12 bucks i could get an additional 6 maps focusing on all the kids from this game.
and you know what? i'm kinda pissed that this isn't it's own game.... i would happily play another 18-27 chapters of these characters (because out of the entire cast the kids were always my favs)
HOWEVER.... i am a rational person and i can understand how releasing 4 games for a niche series could be more then a little daunting.
doesn't change the fact that i want it.
I want it soo badly.
granted if the next FE has a cast based on all the kids.... i'd be okay with that (unlikely since... well this dlc pack kinda fits that role already)

Anyways of the 4 storylines (yeah i'm just gunna count it as it's own game) this has got to be my favorite.
It connects all the continuities perfectly.
it has so much character and growth.
it's a perfect mix of challenge and length.
and even if you have perma-death off (like i do cause man that is stressful) it rewards to heavily for beating the chapters without losing anyone.
in fact the first time i beat the final chapter i lost a few and that ending was so like "well it's done goodbye"
so replaying it and desperately keeping everyone alive brought me back to the perma-death thrill... and the ending was 100% worth it (i cried... not that it's hard to get me to cry.)

the only thing is this DLC pretty much spoils everything (though it's ending for revelations is different so i guess it doesn't spoil that?) so you kinda sorta have to play it after everything... including hidden truths.
unless you don't mind spoilers and like being thrown into the fray then ignore me and play away.

but yeah thanks to this DLC.... this may be my fav fire emblem... granted it's something i hadn't really thought of before (cause i liked all of them pretty much equally) but there was just so much content and story and music (also the music at the end of this DLC story.... makes me want to buy the entire soundtrack even though it's like... 8 disks and 80 bucks) and i really did connect with a lot of these characters.

Thank you nintendo for bringing over such a nice version of this game... and a nice new 3ds that i didn't need but bought anyways cause i am made of weakness.

Now i am actualyl done with this... time to take it out of the 3ds and play the next thing... which is going to be a little sad... but hey hopefully with how successful this one was we'll get another FE soon! i can hope right?

Monday, 15 August 2016

Fire Emblem Revelations

*big sigh* i have been putting this off for a while... i love fire emblem so much that i never realyl wanted it to end.

and it's not completely over for me, i still have some of the DLC story missions to play.... and truth be told... i haven't beaten Radiant Dawn for the wii (cause it's really hard)

but still... i really enjoyed this game.

Much like the other two campaigns instead of choosing a side you decide to try and unite everyone. At first results are mixed but over time you get everyone to see things your way and work towards a brighter future.

Where birthright has very straightforward maps and Conquest has a lot of gimmicks Revelations is a bit of a mix.
Almost every (if not every) map has some kind of gimmick. a Wind that'll push you to a new platform, moving platforms, melting snow, moving characters to get a better sight line. nothing that makes the game harder... you just have to be a little more willing to explore everywhere.

Out of the three, without question this has the best story. Conquest still has the more interesting plot (since it's neat playing the game from the perspective of the potential bad guy) but revelations has the most in the way of character arcs and making everything feel satisfactory.

I will say this... considering pretty much every character from both games is recruitable... the cast is a little too big. like... i would have been happier if the entire cast (for all three games) was just completely cut in half... so that Revelations wouldn't be such a monster.
I did get all the kids and in fact by the end that's who i ended up using the most... but getting all the kids was part of the reason i put down the game for so long... i had already done those missions the first time i played and after a while i do just wanna get on with the plot.

that being said, despite the long break between beating Conquest and beating this i don't think i ever burned out... other games came out and i used them as an excuse to make this one last longer.
However i can tell i'm in the minority.... you really have to love fire emblem to be able to happily put in then 115ish hours i put in... if that sounds like too much then i say get conquest, then get birthright and then when you are up to it get revelations... i do think it's important to play all three but maybe not right after each other.

Still i had fun, and now i have some Story DLC to beat~