Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year~ 2012 retrospective

Dear 2012,

I barely remember you...
no seriously... if i wasn't in a classroom or painting then i was in an office pushing some paperwork.
It feels like i've been out of school for ages.... but nope, just a few months ago i was painting like crazy to get 6 large watercolours done for my presentation date.... or i was working life drawing and trying so damn hard to make the figures not look cartoony (and failing miserably but hey it was fun) or i was widdlign away at a piece of wood and just prayingthat i wouldn't do something to cut myself (fun fact, sculpting tools.... no damage... childrens safety scissors.... slice my finger.... HOW?)
and i had other classes... hm.... one where we did panoramas.... ugh....
learning after effects was a blast and i really should work on more motion graphics...

but then you ended and i think i had a few weeks off....

and then right off to work a crazy amoutn of days in a row on robocop.... and now we are here.

while you weren't terribly memorable you were good to me... you showed me that getting honours in college is great but the announcer will still mess up your name at convocation.... (seriously what is so damn hard about saying Kathleen.... it's two syllables... not three if it were three it would be Kathaleen, granted she lost my card RIGHT AFTER i handed it too her... but i'm getting off topic~)
you also showed me that when opportunity knocks you take it... even if it's something you know isn't your thing it's better to make lots of money the a little money here and there for commissions. (probably helped that i knew it was going to end, films only shoot for so long after all)

you also showed me how much i enjoy being busy.... this past week i've had no work, no obligations.... and i've gotten 2 pictures done? that's it? i was hopinh to have at least one small thing a day... but nope... reading and video games got in the way (oh and seeing some friend but thats okay... it's good to be social occasionally)

Plans for 2013?
well i still have atleast 2 more weeks of work left on this show... maybe more maybe less... unfortunately that the problem with the position... there will come a point where suddenly i'm not needed. but after work i really hope to travel.... i've been all across canada and to a few places in the US but i would love to see more of the world.

I also plan to paint more, my studio area is a bit too messy to work with at the moment and it's just too small to do anything bigger then 12x18. I really love working in digital mediums but i like traditional just as much. (kinda hard to believe cause 3 years ago i had never painted before and i wasn't enjoying it till i tried watercolour)

other then that... who knows... find another job is obviously up there... hopefully in a position i enjoy more.... but that involves getting my drivers license.... which is this whole other hurdle... maybe that should be my resolution....
i'll think about it.

so anyways before my fever gets any worse and i ramble on any more I will just say Happy new year, 2012 wasn't bad but 2013 better be just that much better!

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