Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Year end Top 10s - Music -

.... i will try to make sure this doesn't end up as 'top ten Falcom sound team JDK songs"
but i make no promises.

My taste in music tends to change very quickly, also i tend to like video game scores and anime intro songs... so if you don't like those just don't bother reading :P

ok... this list should also be pretty short cause i wont have too many personal stories... it'll just be me gushing about the songs.... yay?

10. You - Higurashi no naku koro ni 
It's... it's just such a pretty song. I love how soft it start but how it continues to biuld...
again i dint ahve any personal stroies with the bulk of these songs but i am realizing that there will probably be a trend of violins.... i can't help what i like.
9. In My World - Rookiez is Punk'd - Blue Exorcist

 Skip the first 30 seconds and then watch till the end of the intro song
I liek the full version more then the cut one but i wanted to able able to show it so yeah... i dunno i love pretty much all the music for the show. It's fun and interesting and has quiet moments and intense moments. i just like it a lot.

8. Crossing Field - LiSA - Sword Art Online 

This time skip about 40 seconds in
I may be incredibly angry with this show due to the way things are handled in the second season.... that doesn't change the fact that i really like this song, it's sets the mood perfectly for the first arc...
i think by now it's pretty obvious i like more upbeat sounding songs... and yes had the second season not been such a let down this may have ranked higher... though i doubt it cause i really like the other songs on this list.

7. Perseus - Yamazaru - Tegami Bachi Letter Bee

another really fun song.... i love every single intro and ending to this show but this one is my absolute fav, go watch the show over at crunchy roll.... i think it's the second ending? maybe.... just so cute.

6. 同じ高みへ - "To the Same Heights" - Key Sound Label - Clannad
another thing i like almost as much as Violins is techno.... not the noise kind of techno like Dubstep but the kind that builds and gets you pumped up and in my case it makes me wanna draw up a storm.
It's used really effectively in the show  in the basketball scene... one of the best uses of music in animation.... in my opinion of course.

5. Ano Hi Time Machine - Long Short Part - Natsume Yuujinchou
 I normally don't like songs like this.... but i think partially because of the animation that goes with it i simply adore this song.... i mean.... the song perfectly shows what the show is about.
"this is what everyone sees... this is what natsume sees."
it's just.... oh it's so good... and the song is so much fun to sing to.... i nfact any of the songs i've picked that have lyrics are a blast to sing to.... but yeah... love this song.

4. Complication - Rookiez is Punk'd - Durarara!!
No need to skip, the song plays right away HOWEVER there's a bit near the middle of the song that shows clips from the last episodes... watch through it till the song ends
This is the current song that i tend to listen to when no other music is working out for me, it's an interesying mix of a few genres... i nthe full version theres even a little rap section which is cool if you like that kind of thing.... but again it starts off quiet and continues to build throughout the song
but if it's the song i go to.... why isn't it number one?
cause i'm a pathetic weak person who hasn't changed her top three for a long time.... *sighs*

3. Innocent Primeval Breaker - Falcom Sound Team J.D.K -  Ys Seven
A J.D.K. intro song? what a suprise.... but hey it'll be the only one on my list.... between this and premonition from 3 i had a hard time picking.... but this won out in the end.... but i mean.... just listen to it!
oh its a great sogn to get motivated to.... there is a vocal version called rush out but it's just not as good... it's a bit softer so the singer isn't overpowered and then it just loses some of it's charm....
but yeah ALL ys games have kick ass intros... this is just my fav

2. Karma/meaning of birth/Promise - Bump of Chicken/Motoo Fujiwara - Tales of The Abyss
"Rai, you can't pick three songs for one spot"
.... shut up it's my list... and i would argue that they are different versions of the same song
i just can't pick which version i like the most.... so they all get put up here 

 see? same song....
you're lucky i didn't put the US version o the intro song up here... though it's exactly the same except theres a guitar doing the vocals instead of a singer.... still... love these songs

And my number one song..... is a shock even to me...

1.Lost Harmony Among People - Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. - From Ys Seven
"But you said only one J.D.K song made it to the list"
no.... no i said intro song....  this is a town song.... so it counts...
after all that super intense music i use to get pumped up to draw or paint i like to have some calmer songs to help relax and think things through.... and again... this song is so pretty, i remember when i first got to this area in the game I just let the song play for a bit.
am i weird? yeah i think we've established that.... but i like what i like... sometimes i can't even tell why.

anyways i hope enjoyed my silly little list.... i hink next i'll do top 10 things that make me rage.... though it'll probably be clsoer to 6 or 7 things.... we will see~

Happy holidays everyone.

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