Friday, 21 June 2013

Comment sections

no matter who you are.
what media you search for one the web.
there is one universal truth about the internet.
Never read the comment section.

and i guess another is don't google yourself but the first is what i'm here to talk about...

so because i spend most of my day drawing or painting at my desk i tend to always have youtube or TGWTG or Blistered thumbs or escapist playing.
i find they are perfect for background noise and more often then not they make me work faster cause i'm laughing or smiling and it makes work pleasent.

however every now and then i scroll just a little too far down the page and get the joy of losing faith in humanity.

if they aren't bitching about how something changed or how it was better in the old days then they are telling you how wrong your opinion is and how much you suck.

here's an idea... instead of telling someone how much they suck... why don't you just try and make something better? talk is cheap and unless you can back it up by producing a superior product shut up.

i watched sages review and the first comment i saw was litterally. "worst game ever"
they went on to say he didn't mention how long it was or how the combat felt.
oh i'm sorry... he probably didn't realize that you needed all those number rating to decide if you want to buy it and can't just go "wow that sounds good" based on what he did say.

besides.... i don't think it means what you think it means

a general survey of something, especially in words; a report or account of something.
to write reviews; review books, movies, etc., as for a newspaper or periodical: He reviews for some small-town newspaper

of course thats only one of many definitions but still my point stands... saying someone is reviewing something incorrectly is like saying an opinion is wrong.
"oh but he's on a site for reviewing, he should follow a formula!"
most of his videos do
he sais whats good, whats bad and then tells you his reccomendation.
yes most of the time he goes into specifics and this time he didn't.... i actually found that review to be one of his better ones cause it felt really honest. he wasn't just ticking off bullet points on what the game is... he actually talks about what the game was to him.
and in the end based on what i saw Video games awesome put out that is way more important then what the game is on a technical level.

also i'm seeing a lot of "omg another positive review? stop gushign about it and tell us whats bad?" again... thats not how review works... maybe to him nothing was really 'bad' or at least not worth mentioning... he liked the game... is that such a crime?

besides if you haven't picked up the game yet then you either don't care OR are like me and do not own a ps3.
so why are you bitching in the comment section that one guy didn't follow your idea of what a review is? just go do something productive with your lives.

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