Sunday, 23 June 2013

Flight - From Start to finish -

when i started working on this sketch i didn't think it would go the way it did.
I figured it would just be a little experiment with Paint tool Sai

and well... on the one hand it was an experiment with paint tool sai... about 98% of this was done in that program and the other 2% was in photoshop.

but this piece took a fairly big journey in a relatively small space of time.

ok, standard pic of a fairy... i mean... it seems if i'm not drawing mermaids i'm drawing fairies right?

so i figure i'll try a lineless version cause... thats the smart thing to do when you haven't done anything in that program... lineless~
at this point i realize no i want lines.... so i ink over this cause i wanted to keep as much of the other that i possibly could.
only to pretty quickly give up and say screw it it wont take long to colour it again... i'm not even happy with the colours i picked anyways so a good time to change them

this is where the change happened.

once i deleted the colour and only had the lines of the face i looked at it and went. "that looks like my character rai.
i shrugged it off at first and just told myself  "oh well... better just keep this a simple experiment piece of a fairy~ wouldn't you rather do butterfly wings instead of angel wings?"
then my stubborness kicked in and said "no, last time i did butterfly wings i wanted to cry cause i couldn't get them to look halfway decent.... i'm actually not bad at drawing feathered wings... yeah they can be stupidly detailed but so what they are fun!"
so i actualyl walked away for the day and though about how i wanted to persue it....
and by 'for the day' i mean 'for an hour or two'

next thing i know i have
so other then the pose..... not too much similar
oh well... i wil ladmit more often then not my process is
draw guilds > proceed to ingore them

so then i went to town in Sai... there are so really neat things that the program can do but i found it really hard to get nice blending and decent contrast.... (it's oil painting class all over again : D ) simply cause i went blend happy.
despite my overblending i stil lhad a blast with this and in the end i have a piece i am really happy with, no one else will probably care but thats okay, i care.

the biggest problem i have with it is that horizontal compositions look so small when i do my normal 600 px wide... so yeah a little bigger cause... why not.

but yeah lots of fun with this one... hopefully i get better with paint tool sai but all in good time
for now i gotta figure out what i'm drawing next~ normally it isn't hard, i just sit down and draw until i like something but i'm sick atm and that always throws a wrench into things.
stupid inconsistent weather, i blame you!

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