Sunday, 30 June 2013

Milky Way - From Start to Finish -

another piece in the Estell Series... ithink there will eventually be at least two more... possibly more then that... i'm indecisive but i know i need a minimum of two more to finish the overarching story. 

so, before each pic i try doing just a page of gestures and thumbnails cause it helps me come up with the full idea... which is almost always completely different from the starting point but hey... putting pencil to paper and committing can be the hardest thing.

in that page of brainstorming i almost always have a pic thats part of the estelle series but i end up doing something else instead... so at the rate i'm going the series should be done in a year or so.

anyways i started out with the sketch of course.
so the idea behind it is she's looking at the wishes brought to her and trying to grant them. so in going with the theme i originally was calling this the granting star (to go with wishing star and dancing star) but then i was like... no... thats a dumb title.... and after colouring it kind of reminded me of the milky way so i went with that...

due to a fever that wont leave me be and a wrist that isn't helping it took me longer then i expected to get this done.... but that meant i remembered to take a screen shot during all this.
i was going to post on tumble the flat colour lineless but it just didn't have enough contrast to warrent being posed in that state....
still here it is
you may be abel to tell from this i changed a lot fro mthe sketch.. .mainly outfit and placement of her comet tail scarf thingy... and those little wish gathering sprites i made them a bit smaller and tried adding more... tryign to figure out how they working into everything took the longest to be honest.

anyways even though my body was telling me take a day off i told it to shut up and i managed to get it all done today.... my thumb is swollen and my shoulder feels out of wack but whatever... i can rest when i'm out of stuff to draw.

so the final product did end up being more glittery and darker... yay?
like i said i was starting to lean more towards a personified milky-way... dunno if i succeeded but hey in the end i am happy with it...

for now though i need to rest
though it is canada day tomorrow............ hm.....

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