Sunday, 16 June 2013

Princess Tutu - Dub vs Sub

And befor you ask if i'll ever shut up about princess tutu the answer is no.... never...

but i actually do have something to talk about that i wasn't able to comment on before.

despite having the dvds since ADV released them i am never seen the show in japanese.
My first exposure to it was on a channel 'Anime Network on Demand'
they would play lots of ADV titles in english so i watched it cause i don't hate english dubs.

In fact if i haven't seen something in japanese (damn near impossible now cause of crunchy and the fact that 90% of what i buy is sub only) i will endeavor to listen in english first.... iwill watch it both ways eventualyl but i at least try.

So... on Princess Tutu's english dub.

I love it...
it's damn near perfect in my eyes.
it has all my fav english voice actors.
my first vol of the dvd is even signed by Luci Christian

so when i first tried watching it in japanese it was really hard to get into the performances.
especially Duck Ahiru and Mytho.

they weren't bad... just different and yeah....
so i decided i should push through.

and yeah i still adore the english dub but the japenese dumb is great too.

The number one complaint i hear about the dub is "they changed the names"

No... they didn't actually.

most of the names are Animal, ballet or novel puns.

In japanese the word for duck is Ahiru and while that may sound like a name to an english name to someone in japan it would be like calling someone duck... it isn't really a name.

so in a scene where duck goes. "i'm duck, but i'm also a duck" it would lose it;s meaning if it were. "i'm ahiru but i'm also a duck"

the whole duck/girl named duck thing is brought up multiple times throughout the show and it just wouldn't work at all if she was called ahiru.

The only one i don't really get is Kreahe.

it's written the same in both languages but in japaense it's said more like "ku-re-ru" instead of the english "kray-he"

so near the end when you figure out why she gave herself that particular human name is makes a lot more sense in japanese.... they justify it in english but i think they added a syllable.

that all being said... as much as i enjoyed Arihu's preformance... i still think luci christians duck and duck the girl are so perfect.
i love japanese princess tutu cause it sounds a little more natural.... Luci does get into the groove once things start leaning towards hearach but at first she has the accent on and her voice is a little high... still realyl well done... so full of emotion.

both fakirs are great.
Mytho is good in both but i would give the nod to japanese mytho only cause he gets a lot more force in his voice as he gets emotions back...
Mr. cat vs Neko-sensei has to go to Mr. Cat cause i just love the cat way he sais things... it may be like that in japanese as well but i can't tell.
English rue is a bit lower then japanese rue and i feel like that gives her a bit more character, though japanese rue feels more vulnerable in some scenes with the raven.
Drosslemyer is great both ways.

Adel sounds good in both
Uzura sounds better in japanese just cause the Zura is a bit more natural.... english speakers don't say things like that so it felt taked on.
Femio, who is a minor character.... sounds so much better in english... his japanese voice deosn't fit at all... it feels like that voice should come out of a full grown man not a ballet student.

so overall some things are better in one then the others... so my suggestion is watch it in your native language first.... it's really the only way it all makes sense...
still both are so well done... and it's such a great show.

go watch it. 

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