Sunday, 21 July 2013

Platnum - From start to finish

i am learning something the hard way... and remembering why i stopped drawing fanart.

I mostly draw original characters... which stories i have either roleplayed or written up in my head that'll never make it to paper.
but in a world where art is easily accessible and fanart is prevalent more attention gets given to fanart cause it's a world and set of characters some people already know about.
The original stuff tends to get pushed to the side.

when i was younger i hated how a five minute piece would get more attention and praise then something i had worked really hard on for a long time and liked.

Now i just understand it's the way things are... fanart takes less time so it's not that rushing makes for better art but familiarity is a good way to get someone used to your style while you also show them original stuff. It still stings a little but you get over it... either you will like what i produce or you wont. in the ned i'm just happy to make it...

that being said yesterday i was all pouty cause i submitted something new and no one cared and it hurt my feelings (cause i'm a big baby)... i know now that i was so upset cause i've been running a fever but still... it a fit of poutyness i just decided to draw whatever and i ended up with
yep... i was pouty so i drew something cute... i don't understand my brain either.
still this just made me wanna rewatch Cardcaptor Sakura again but my dvd player is dead so... thats not happening for a bit (read as till i drag myself to a store and get a cheap dvd player while i wait for the ps4 release)
anyways i was pretty happy with it but at that point it was getting late and i was so tired so i figured i'd ink the next day and follow up from there.

after about 2 hours of work....
i love how quick Sai is...
but yes i feel much better after making this even though i doubt i'll be able to finish anything else this week (wisdom tooth pulling tuesday and con fri-sun) but who knows... all depends on recovery time in the end (i'm just hoping no swollen face in con pics... i need a new one as my ID now that my hair is shorter)

anyways i hope you like it
and if you don't oh well~ i tried~

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