Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Completed: Rise of the Guardians

or as i call it "wow thats a neat effect" the movie.

okay thats a little harsh
but seriously the ice, the sand, the frost... it all looks so damn pretty... also the character design is wonderful.

the filmitself was fine.... it falls into the "lets do a stupid not funny joke to remind people that it's a kids film" a lot and i think if it just told it's story it would have been a millions times better. Granted I just tend to hate when there are drastic whiplash tonal shifts thanks to reminding people who the target audience is.... maybe thats just me.

The story is about Jack Frost, both his joining the guardians and learning about himself.

Jack's story is the most interesting of the film.... maybe next to the antagonists... but this film feels a little disjointed because it almost feels like it's not fully willing to make jack the main and just goes all over the place...

what i'm trying to say there are too many plot threads so what we do get doens't get nearly as much time as it needs.
we have "who is jack", "who is the man in the moon and why does he do what he does?", "why is pitch such an ass", "why does not being believed in suck", "why isn't jack affected the same way as the others?", "they seem to have a lot of history.... what is it?" "oh hey look heres a kid who gets a lot of attention for no reason"
i mean you can just tel lthat this is a series cause it needs more time and books aren;t as limited as film can be.

still i thought it was good... it had issues but glad i saw it....

i will say everyone looks like they are wearing colour contacts... the eyes just looks weird and painted on instead of having a luminecent quality.... it distracted me through the whole damn film especially considering how pretty everything else is.

my last negative note is with the voice acting... specifically jack.
I think Chris pine does a great job, that voice did not match that character for me... and santas voice (alec baldwin?) was just overthe top and kinda grating but i get why he went that direction.... i just wish santa didn't talk so damn much.

Jude law as pitch was perfect, he seems to do sinister pretty well.

so yeah good film but obviously as kids film so if you hate the drastic tonal shifts to remind you who the audience really is then you may not enjoy it... if you enjoy seeing some incredible things doe with animation then i recommend giving it a shot, it's on netflix. 

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