Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dropped: Kinmoza

Aka Kiniro masiac.

i'm... a little sad about this.

the first episode was really good.
it was the first time i'd ever seen an anime have the character who are speaking in english ACTUALLY speak in english... it works well for some of the jokes and cultural gags at the start
so i though the show would be about the two girls learning more about each others culture over time...
and to be fair that is what it's about... kinda...
see at the end of the first episode the character goes back to japan and we fast forward a few years.
this time the english girl goes to japan... but cause she already studied a lot of japanese culture she doesn't really learn anything new.
the show ended up being moe girls doing things with giggles and sparkles... and even though it still has a sweetness to it i just don't care.
i like show with story.... even the slice of life shows i watch have some kind of plot... this is just the girls are obsessed with each others culture.... and they smile and giggle a lot...

there isn't a ongoing plot (at least not 6 episodes in/halfway through the show)
they mentioned the one girl wanting to be a translator but they never show he working towards that goal. another english (well half english half japanese) girl is brought in and for an episode we had a plot where people were a bit freaked out cause she's a foreigner... and  then that was dropped by the end of that episode.

i think the show is cute (maybe a little too cute) and if you like shows like lucky star or k-on you may get a kick out of it but i just don't care anymore.

so yeah... scratching a title off my already short list of things i'm watching this season.

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