Sunday, 11 August 2013

the fun thing about being an Ys fan

so conbravo wasn't too long ago and i picked up a japanese cartridge of Wanderers from Ys for fun/it was cheaper then the english cart by 10-20 bucks.
so i thought about the gaps in my Ys collection... yeah i don't really care about the older versions of the game cause
a) not the easiest things to find
b) i have newer versions of the game.

but there is one game i have yet to find for a decent price.
Ys 6 The ark of napishtim.
last time i was at anime north they tried to sell me an opened one for 100 bucks and no... i am not paying that much for a game i have beaten (pushes aside the repo cart of tales of phantasia she just bought but that is a different argument.... i like that game... napishtim was just okay)

so i go to one of the vendors.
"hello, you wouldn't happen to know if you have any Ys games"
and i pronounced Ys as "Ease" cause thats how it's pronounced.
"what? never heard of that series"
i pause and think then grit my teeth
"how about Whys series"
"oh yeah i have that... wait... how did you pronounce it before?"
"cause i think that's how it's pronounced, i could be wrong (i'm not wrong)"
"well which one were you looking for"
"the ark of napishtim"  (nah-pish-tem)
"the ark of what?"
i couldn't think of another way to pronounce it so...
"i believe (know) it's on ps2"
"ah we only have the psp ones"
"ok~ well thanks anyways"
he then told me what a fan he was of the series and how he played the old ones and it was good fun... but thanks to the title being able to be pronounces so many different ways (an instance i'm noticing is saying Celceta with a hard C while i always figures it was a softer c) which in the end just ends up with people not knowing how to ask for something and get a valid response.

but yeah random story is random~ 

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