Friday, 20 September 2013

Completed: Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

this is actually my second time... my first was 5 years ago for a birthday.

these shows are a lot of fun but really expensive. if you see something on a coupon site or that they have sale prices you should go if you can. they give you a ton of food and the showmanship is quite impressive...

i also liked that this time the team we got to cheer for wasn't out in the first round.
we did have some people who were really into it and having fun and that made the experience (in our section at least) really enjoyable.

but now i feel like i need to run a mile to burn off all that food >< and thats sad cause i barely managed to eat half of it...

so yeah if you've ever wanted to go but worry about the cost i say do your best to try and watch for deals.

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