Thursday, 26 September 2013

Completed: Servant x Service

hm... it's late...

okay... the review:

Did you like Working/wagnaria?

if yes then you will probably find this show charming
if no then you wont like this show cause it's the same kind of thing just different venue and age group.

i thought working was cute...
therefor i think this is cute
even though in all honesty it should be called "how to be charged with sexual harrasment at work" but whatever... it's still got it's sweetness.
also hair that reacts to emotion always gets a chuckle out of me... i do not know why.

but yeah if this got a second season like working did i think it could be fun.
but if you don't like slice of life comedy at work then yeah... avoid... this will not change your mind.

oh and the show is really punny so you kind of need to keep your ears open to listen to whats being said and separate that from what your reading to 'get the joke'. it's hard to explain but theres a lot of saying something that sound the same 3 way but with varied meanings or slight changes... again not easy to explain so yeah.

hopefully you enjoy the show but if you don't i completely understand why.

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