Thursday, 28 November 2013

Completed: The Walking dead - telltale - season1

Nov 28:
So when i went to get my Ps Vita and Ys I noticed that a bundle that came with a game and memory card was way cheaper then just the system itself... and it was a game i knew was really good.

so i ended up with a copy of Telltale's walking dead game.

pretty much everyone agrees that story wise this is an incredibly well done game and considering all the 'branching' paths it's easy to see a little bit of replay value despite this essentially being a on rails vis novel.

thats right... i'm calling it a visual novel, not a point and click... though the two do overlap quick a bit.... it just feels like the gameplay is tangential and this could just as easily be purely 'choose your own adventure' and it would still be a good game.
i actually think it may be a better game.

the controls i'm useing are touch based.... as far as pickng things it's perfect, quick and responsive....
moveing the camera around though... ugh it's not good.
when i think of moving the camera around wiht touch i think of putting my finger in a spot and dragging as if i'm dragging the camera to reach that original spot... in this though the camera will go in the direction you drag.
which got me killed more then once.
granted... i'm not terribly good at any games that fall out of my jrpg and puzzle game niche... so it's probably a good camera system, I just suck.

So far i have finished episode one, i do know the story i mean... it's pretty hard to go into this series blind considering how popular it is... so i decided to play it as true to myself as possible but when options come up like (pick who to save) i pick the opposite of the route i'm used to seeing... so i'm getting some new controls.

my last beef with the game has nothing to do with the game.... i jsut gotta change the power saving settings in my vita cause during cutsceens the screen would darken cause of it... and it got a little irritiatting having to tap the screen every two seconds.

otherwise it looks great and i look forward to playing the rest

Nov 30:
so i finished chapter 2, it felt a bit shorter then chapter one but it was pretty good... possibly because of it being one of the stories in the middle it kind of feels like my choices don't matter as much... mayeb they will have more of an effect in the next one?
this is going to sound odd but i like that there was less 'gameplay'... i mean it's there but there is more focus on the story and characters and that is nice.

Dec 1:
beat chapter 3, this one has a lot more 'gameplay' in the sense that you have to aim and shoot, i found this really frustrating with touch controls but in the end i only died twice so i guess it's not that bad... i'm just not a fan of shooter games. again very few choices felt like they mattered but i really like the story being told so far.
i'll probably beat both chapters tomorrow since i got a memory card big enough to play gravity rush (dear sony, givign me a 4 gb card when your updates take almost all that space is stupid)
also i have person4 coming my way and i'll be getting disgaea 3 soon... so to everyone who said there are no games for vita... yeah i'm finding a way to manage...

Dec 3:
i actually beat chapter 4 yesterday but didn't have a chance to update this. it's one of the longer chapters and finally it feels like all the choices really mattered... i hated the shooting elements cause with the touch controls it was hard to control it and try to get my leg free... otherwise a really good segment.
 Chapter 5 is short, and really sad... but yeah really well done... despite knowing what would happen i couldn't help but tear up, a really well done end to that story.

NOW... i didn't realize but this 'season' includes the bonus chapter 400 days.
so i'll play that later today or tomorrow... i have a commission to work on now so that changes things but i realyl wanna finish this so i can pop in my new/much bigger memory card.

Dec 3 continued:
beat 400 days, a nice and short bonus chapter.... i managed to get everyone to leave with me so i'm curious to see how that affects things.... i will probably wait a while to get season 2 but we'll see, for now i have to change my memory card cause it's pretty full.
but yeah if you like visual novel games this is a really good one... some points are really dark and there doesn't seem to be much to be able to fix that.... but still really well done.

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