Monday, 20 January 2014

New Job

So, today was interesting.

Long story short i had to take a class today for work, it was all stuff i knew and had done but this was mandatory so i went in, took the class, did the test and then on my way home i get asked if i can come in tomorrow.

I still don't know for sure if i passed (i would be surprised if i failed) but yeah... i will gladly come into work tomorrow.

So what does this mean?
Well.... see you in a few months.

okay not really... but I will be limited on what i can talk about cause i'll be under an NDA... so if i answer evasively.... yeah it's cause i don't have a choice.
I will still be making art and trying to do more process work bits.... i will actually be reading more cause if i ever have to transit i may as well be doing something with my time and i'm not fond of drawing while moving and i don't wanna lug a game console around on the off chance i'll have an hour to play it.
I will still be watching all that anime but i may fall behind and give up on more titles. if there are any titles you want me to keep trying that i may have fallen behind on just let me know.

I can't see making time for games and probably not movies... the days are just too long... so yeah those will stop for a while.

So essentially more of one thing... less of other things... but i'll still be here and trying to check this daily... i may just take longer to update or reply.

so yeah... it's not going to be for long, just a few months... then back to unemployment (unless something else shows up)


  1. Well, as long as you drop by here once in a while, I guess this is a good thing :D I think times like this (un)fortunately are an inevitable part of anyone's life - stupid studies and/or work :P - but then again, if you really like your hobbies, it's not like you'll be done with 'em :D

    Anyway, serious considerations aside, I'm happy for you; keep up the good work :D

    1. luckily it's not a long term thing, i'll be amazed if they keep me past may so yeah... just for a few months i wont have time to post random ramblings~ not that it will actually stop me... i'm stubborn like that.

      but yeah thank you very much for your kind words.