Saturday, 29 March 2014

Kuroko's Basketball Season 2

Aka: Kuroko no basuke
Aka The basketball which kuroko plays.

Sports anime tend to be pretty boring, so back in 2012 when this show started i was fairly sure it wouldn't be my cup of tea.... but i had also decided to give more shows a shot since i had the crunchyroll subscription anyways.
I loved the first season, the characters were great and all had their own personality. It had humor and charm and it didn't fall into a lot of the tropes that make sports anime kinda terrible.
As someone who played basketball for a while I was worried it would be too unrealistic or that they would do stupid annoying stuff like naming moves or having a second last a few minutes as they talk back and forth in midair.
and yes that happened a few times in the first season but it was kept to a minimum... for the most part the show was more about building the team then it was about the matches. The generation of miracles was an interesting concept and it was used pretty well.

However, i can't say the same for this season.

The show is still really good... the characters are still great, the story thats old when they aren't playing games is interesting... you really get a sense of everyones personality and the music for the show is just fantastic (i really enjoy Granrodeo so that probably helps)
But then it started to rely on a lot of those tropes that i mentioned hating.
They started naming moves (ignite pass? barrier jumper? meteorite dunk? or my personal fav Ignite pass Kai? like... why?) which is so incredibly stupid it made me yell out at the screen every time cause it needed to stop... then the matches got much longer... the Aomine match lasted at least 5 episodes... maybe more. we started only really caring about the matches against the generation of miracles and as they faced more they ended up feeling a bit like... Godmode.

however the worst thing to happen this season was "the zone"
every time the zone was used the show just felt like it was tossing all the other characters skills away to focus on the one character...
not to mention the lightning from the eyes stuff was just silly... again i understand that you are trying to visually represent a mental state but you know what? maybe don't... maybe just describe the zone as it is... an intangible state where you suddenly can focus on more then you could before.

also last time i checked this is "KUROKO's Basketball, not Kagami's basketball... not Teppies... Kuroko....
I don't mind that the other characters get focus... i was just sad that they got almost all of the focus.
when the intro changed animation and you see what kuroko has up his sleeve i was so excited that he would be attempting 'that' but then he does it... and everyone is happy... and then it's kinda dropped... i wanted more focus on him becoming a more formidable player instead of just "look at how good kagami is"

The show is still really good but it felt like they were really trying to build tension near the end of this season... even though it may be a while before we see a season 3. so we have all this energy thats going to be lost between now and when we get the new season.

Not to mention he still hasn't faced Akashi... i really want him to face akashi and see what his deal is (cause i know nothing other then what the anime has shown)

my hope is that in the next season Kagami gets knocked down a peg or two cause a story of someone who is good but not good enough is far more interesting then the story of someone who is just an unstoppable monster who goes super saiyen when the going gets tough.
Also more focus on kuroko please, i want to see him become a strong player then any of the others realize.

Still it's a great show, watch both seasons over on crunchyroll.
and please someone license it so i can own it on dvd/bluray
also bring over the manga please.
cause yeah.... it's good... just silly.

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