Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Misfortune of Kyon & Koizumi

So when i first heart about this i thought it was just a fan manga/Yaoi and that it had nothing to do with the actual creators.
well i wasn't wrong.... but i wasn't right either.
Misfortune is a bunch of short manga chapters done by quite a few different artist with stories that follow Kyon and Koizumi specifically. (yen press is calling it a Manga Anthology)
I will say While it is not Yaoi you can tell some of the artist ship Kyon/Koizumi more then others... hell one comic is about haruhi wanting Yaoi fanboys in the club but then kyon and koizumi take it the wrong way and hilarity ensues.

Each 'chapter' is different and not connected at all to any other comics (unless they were done by the same artist or referencing what happened in the book)... this is both great cause you get to see another persons interpretation of the world.... and also kinda annoying cause sometimes they get a detail in the plot wrong but hey it's all in good fun. There are a few repeated themes.... in different chapters Koizumi, Kyon and Haruhi all get sick (yeah.... i can't imagine haruhi or kyon getting sick but... hey it's a fun chapter so i guess it's okay)
My favorite chapter is when Kyon and koizumi switch bodies... it's only a few pages long but i'd love to see an entire plotline dedicated to that.... and whether Kyon would now have esper powers since he's in the espers body.... i dunno it just seems like a fun idea.

But yeah most surprising of all is that this is being published as part of the series, just little side stories (not canon technically but still)... if you like Kyon or koizumi then this is a really fun read.... if you hate them then yeah you miss nothing by avoiding it.
Koizumi used to be my least fav (until i read the book) but this did make me enjoy him a bit more... especially one chapter where he can see himself and he's so embarrassed about how goofy he is.... it's great and it adds to the whole (mild spoilers) how he acts around haruhi is just an act and he's actually much different.

In the end though i still prefer the light novels to the manga in general... you really get in kyon's head and since he was my favorite character it just works. but this was still a lot of fun...
I may eventually get the Haruhi suzumiya manga but honestly i do own 7 vols of it and i just have a hard time getting into it... no idea why.

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