Sunday, 20 July 2014

ConBravo 2014

This is the only con i can say that i've gone to every single one.
and it just continues to get better and better.

I love how relaxed the con is, you see guests all the time and it's just really nice to be able to say "hey, love your show" and walk away without feeling like you are bugging them. (cause i am the type who ALWAYS worries that i'm bothering someone)
I went with a friend of mine and for the first time we booked the hotel and yeah... much better then commuting daily.

I didn't buy much but a few things i got were pretty expensive.
The Proplica moon wand.
Kuroko no basket figure (kuroko)
Shiny Eevee Plush toy.
a Key necklace.
Valkyria Chronicles
Game chaser dvd
Blue exorcist OST
Masterball bean bag.

I got most of the autographs i was hoping for, missed out on Jon Tron cause i wanted to go to the did you know gaming panel and when i got out the line had been capped. I also missed out on Angry joe but i have gotten his autograph from a previous con bravo

Still got to have nice little chats with some guests, My favorite being Gaijin Goomba who talked to us for quite a long time and even took a selfy (never been in one of those before) and yeah it was just really nice. The con feels more like just a celebration of all things nerdy and you don't have as many of the rabid fans you get at bigger cons (at least not that i noticed, sure there is always a handful)

I'm looking forward to seeing what guests come next year. I can hope for certain guests even though i know it's unlikely that they will wanna make the trip to Canada (it's far/expensive... i understand)

Also i did get to see all three 404s shows and they were pretty funny, i wish the crowd had been more awake and excited for the saturday show but what can you do.

But yeah easily the con i look forward to the most and they have already announced a handful of guests for next year so it's all pretty exciting.

For now i have to let this cold i've been fighting off for 3 days take over and spend about a week recovering. I really had no right going but i booked a hotel and i was not going to miss the con unless i couldn't move.

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