Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Honey & Clover 2

When i first watched Honey & Clover i had no idea that i would eventually go to Art College and consider myself an Artist. So having the two completely different view points between viewings make this show that much more interesting to me.

Honey and Clover is about a group of friends who for the most part all live in one apartment complex and attend an art college.
And it's probably the most slice of life show i have ever seen. Unlike other shows there are some things that don't get resolved like they would in typical slice of life... a bit of a spoilers but there are very few couplings and the ones that do happen are fairly unexpected. One thing happens very late in the show and we never find out if the characater makes a full recovery because the character who could be considered the main character leaves to start working. People drift apart and even though they will always be friends it wont be the same.

I just think it's so well executed and if i had to pick between this series and eden of the east i would probably be the only person ever to pick this.

but then again i relate to this a lot more.

Like i mentioned before one of the artist gets injured, badly enough where the question of being able to continue creating art come up. As an artist that idea is a terrifying one, i know myself and others would do everything in our power to continue arting but it's still such a scary thought.
Still watching the character deal with that, the pain and the fear and continue to push to recover, it's hard to describe but it's the thing i remember most from watching the show when i was younger.

Also yes, Hiroshi Kamiya is a voice actor.... but i like this show way before i liked Natsume Yuujinchou... it's not my fault he has a really pretty voice.

So yeah if you like slice of life that doesn't necessarily have every little plot end neatly tied up but still resolves everything... this is the show for you

The good:
The animation i lovely and considering it's a show about art it has some stunning imagery.
The voice acting is great.... but i am biased.

The not so good:
Viz for whatever reason would put the characters First name in the Subs even if the character is saying the last name... why would you do that? characaters calling other characters by certain names shows how friendly they are and you are pretty much throwing that out the window... it's one of the only subs i can think of that does this but man it's annoying.
The story may be too slice of life for some, characters who in any other show would hook up do not get together, love isn't this easy perfect thing... it's complex and unpredictable and this show does a great job with that. but some people just wanan see everyone happy so yeah... not this show.

I still love it, it makes me cry lots but it also makes me smile.
Maybe it's on Neon Alley? i don't know since i don't get that in canada... oh well.

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