Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2

*gross sobbing* not cool movie... that theater was surprisingly packed for such an early show and you had me crying.... there were children in the audience holding it together better then i was....
Mean Mean wonderful movie.

Ok it's story time.

When i first saw the trailer for how to train your dragon all those years ago i couldn't get over how stupid it looked. just another UGH inducing movie that was purely made to pander to children.
So when it was getting universally praised by everyone i was more then a little surprised... i figured i'd see it one day but no rush since it still had some of the worst advertisement i had seen.
Then one time in college my friends found out i hadn't seen it and we got together and all watched it together.
pretty sure i cried then too... which is like my number 1 thing i hate doing... crying infront of friends is a big no no.
anyways... i really loved it, it was beautiful to look at the score was one of the best i had heard in ages.
Man i was bummed i didn't see it in the theater.

Not this time.

Problem 1: Recently 1 of the two major theater companies was bought out by the other and the selection of films that came to town dwindled to a surprisingly few titles unless i wanted to make tehe trek to the big town that i HATE going to.

Problem 2: I would have to take my bro with me since i'm his caregiver during the day and that makes long trips tricky.

SO i waited and eventually a local second run(ish)[it's pretty much a first run theater now that it just gets what the other theater doesn't] theater picked it up and becuase they had cheaper films on tuesdays i finally go to see this.
and damn it was good, i would say even better then the first... there are some pacing issues in the middle but that is such a minor gripe.

Also this film has some really smart moments, the first was all about trying to open peoples eyes through sheer force of will which worked well but this film shows how there is a bit of naivete to that thinking and sometimes it doesn't work out like that but you still have to keep moving on.

The film takes place 5 years after the original, Berk has.... uh yeah okay spoilers for the first one, so Berk has completely embraced the life of living in harmony with dragons, Hiccups now expanded world is an open book to him and is his constantly flying around with Toothless being the village Cartographer even if no one is to keen on leaving any time soon.
One time he comes across a mysterious formation of ice and any more then that would be spoilers.

The good:
SO PRETTY, the water and fire effects just look so wonderful and the character designs look great.
That music.... i'll be buying the soundtrack for this... cause it's just so well done.
the story...  i wanna tell you more but i can't but trust me it is great.

The not so good: 
Do you like crying in public? i don't.... so that may be a deterrent but seriously it's worth seeing this in theater if you can.

The bad: 
again there this one chunk in the middle that drags the tiniest bit and there was a moment of "how do you know where that is?" but these are super minor nitpicky things.

Overall very good, i look forward to seeing the third one even though they have confirmed it's going to be a whole lot of sad.
But yeah if you liked the first one ou have probably already seen this and this was pointless for me to write but i don't care.
if you didn't like the first then yeah this may not change your mind but i still think it's better then the first.

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