Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lovely Complex

For a long time this has been one of my fav Shojo Manga/anime. I first started reading it at a time where i was getting so sick and tired of just seeing the same stuff played out with different characters.
It was great, it was funny and it was never easy.

Now that i'm older, have my feelings changed?
a little.

Risa Koizumi is a very tall girl (5'7"... wait.... like... every girl i know is that height... thats only a little taller then i am...)
Atsushi Otani is very short (5'1"... and yeah i only knew like two guys who were that short)
due to the fact that they are a bit of an odd couple they have earned the title of class clowns since they are always perfectly insync.... despite hating each other.

The story takes place in Osaka and the anime only spans their highschool career.
Risa eventually starts having feelings for Otani because he has these moments of sweetness.
Only when she confesses he doesn't believe her... this sets up the reason why i loved this show/manga... it has a great depiction of unrequited love and is truly heartbreaking at moments... as risa is struggling to convince him that she does like him you feel for her.... when she realizes his not believeing her has nothing to do with how dense he is but instead because he can't comprehend it as a possibility your heart breaks along with her.
and i mean.... the bear curry scene? i still can't watch it without crying.
That part of the show is fantastic....
seeing Otani slowly realize his feelings for her (not a spoiler... i mean it's a shojo show.... it had to happen) is also great.

The part that as an adult i'm not the biggest fan of is how Otani acts after they start dating.... it's not all bad but he get so angry over stupid shit.... there are times where he expects her just to put up with him even if he's being an ass and worst of all when their a problem or somethings bugging him he gets a little possessive and instead of talking about why he's annoying or upset he goes to extremes... and risa is just like... Whatever.

I dunno... that kind of behavior always bugs me... does it ruin the show? no but i still needed to mention it.

So why talk about this now?
I just picked up the DVD release, so happy to own this wonderful show.... that being said the manga is better... simply cause it continues on past highschool (granted it's been many years since last reading it so i dunno if it really holds up but yeah... this is one of my fav romance shojo stories ever for a reason)

But yeah... the animation is good, though pretty old now
It's really funny and also really sad... if you are a sucker like me you'll cry lots.... and again... the bear curry scene.... so many tears.

The DVD was released by Eastern Star... a company i honestly haven't heard of... though it shouldn't be the last i buy from them since they are re-releasing the cardcaptor movies and i need that to go with my NISA cardcaptor re-release.
Right Stuff has it for a decent price but i have no idea if it's region blocked.
Still if you like Shojo and haven't seen/read this series give it a try. It's really sweet.

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