Friday, 8 August 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Kuroko Tetsuya

While season two left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth i still am really enjoying Kuroko's basketball (aka Kuroko no Basuke, Aka The basketball which kuroko plays)
My favorite character is easily Kuroko and when i originally saw this figure and his pose i wanted it.
It sold out damn near instantly.
So i waited for a re-release which came but.... i either missed it or i wasn't too interested since i am running low on space for things like figures.
Then at Con Bravo i got to see him up close and i ended up buying it cause it's just such a nice figure.
It's just such a dynamic pose, he is my only One support figure that isn't screwed into the base... i have no idea if he's metal on the inside but he feels really study... over time he may bow a bit... poses like this tend to warp over time but seriously it's just so nice.
also because the pose was so dynamic he's interesting to view from any angle.

plus the sculpt is pretty much perfection, it takes the style of the show and has realiztic golds and muscles... just so nice.
all being supported by this
it's pretty crazy, i do have Kagami and Aomine on order so looking forward to those arriving.
now for some more interestign pictures.

Gotta love close ups, though because this figure is fairly large with my new set up i'm trying to find way of still having a nice BG... didn't always work out.

Still i did manage to get one shot i really really liked.
but yeah, i am excited for the others and i look forward to them shipping eventually.
Hopefully the clouds will go away so i can take a few more pictures of things... i still have the petit chara sailor moon figures, the proplica moon wand, Snow miku 2013 and probably something else i can't remember at the moment.
anyways i hope you enjoy these occasional photo heavy Blog posts.

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