Saturday, 9 August 2014

Figure Photoshoot: Sayaka

Out of the main 5 girls in Puella Magi Madoka Magica i think theres one thing almost unversally agreed upon.

Sayaka has the best outfit.
I wish it were in red, but honestly it is really the nicest design.
At a con a few months ago there were three figures in this series. Madoka, Sayaka and Mami... and though i almost went for madoka (cause my friend bought one of the sayaka's) i decided screw it and bought sayaka cause i actually have a few madoka figures and she isn't my favorite part of the show.
Still this figure is nice, i wish the connection between her feet and the pegs was a bit tighter but i still love the pose and the movement.

Also she is big, i would think around 1/6 scale size but i believe it's classified no scale.
I would love to own the entire set one day but Sakura (who has my least fav outfit... despite being my fav colour) is a lot more expensive then the others so i may not happen.

Still i do love this figure and got some good pictures before the light faded.

but this has to be my fav shot
I did manage to get some batteries for my Proplica moon wand so maybe i'll post video of that eventually... still have lots of pictures to take/upload so i hope you wont be too annoyed with all these figure pictures. (i just really find it fun and i do hope you like it)

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