Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Princess and the Pilot

Yet another lovely NISA box to put on my shelf.

This is a story set in the same world as Pilot's love song (though i don't know how close or far the two are from each other... i know this was made first but thats mean it's chronologically first). Juana is a princess who is engaged to a kind prince from another land that happens to be in the middle of a war. He promises her they will wed in a year after he's stopped the fighting.
Over a year passes and now the enemy wishes to kill the princess, her last hope is a undercover escort mission where she will fly with the Pilot Charles to her new home and hopefully safety.
however one careless message from the prince has potentially compromised the mission and the two must work together to survive the long journey.
However the story is Equally focused on Charles.
He was born in a way where everyone considers him as low as vermin. He worked in the castle as a child and happened to meet the princess once before being fired. Above all else he wanted to be free so he became a pilot and quickly rose to be one of the best. the problem was his title as a Bestado (half blood between a local man and a women from the enemy faction) means they will not let him climb up the ranks.
The only reason he gets the mission at all is because they needed the best and had to put aside their biases for the safety of the princess.

yeah i thinks thats all that i can say without going into spoilers

The story is very good with decent pacing and some interesting visuals. It shares some similarities with Pilot's love song... especially the overall tone, if you liked that series you will probably like this film and it was interesting seeing more of the world.

it does have a few moments of "well isn't that convenient" as well as some plot threads may not be resolved the way you want them to be... still I really enjoyed this movie and I will be happy to display it next to NISA's boxset of pilots love song.... whenever that comes out.

The good:
The animation, the story and the quiet moments are really nice.
It's only 99 minutes so there are very few pacing issues.

The not so good:
extremely minor gripe but Mad house has an incredibly easy to recognize style and for me at least it was a bit distracting.
I would have liked a few more spcial features but NISA hasn't really been able to give that on any of their series yet so... i just gotta continue to hope.

If you wanna watch the film you can see it (and pilot's love song) on Crunchyroll, if you like it  i suggest buying the bluray from NISA and hopefulyl soon Pilot's love song will have a lovely box set from them as well soon.

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