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I have a tendency to be critical of things, i have been told since i was little i should just enjoy stuff (or pretend to) despite how stupid/pointless/annoying the thing in question is otherwise people may not like me.
I was never terribly good at listening to other people...

I figure as long as i'm not just being purely negative it's okay to look at something with a bit of a critical eye.
even though Ys is my favourite video game i am perfectly happy and willing to look at it and point out some of it's flaws... same for natsume yuujinchou or Brent Weeks novels... i have never equated being critical of something as not liking something.

But then i come to something like this.... and i have nothing kind to say.
I have never seen an anime with less plot or point or purpose.
It's very pretty to look at but even comparing it to other titles made by that animation house you can tell that they didn't have much a budget.... and if they did they didn't spend it on the animation.

I'm just dumbfounded right now cause i was expecting this to be good.

The base plot is a girl who can see fragments of the future and a boy who can hear fragments of the future meet and their powers combine.
Only thats not what it's about.... it's about a group of 5 friends who are thrown a bit into disarray as the newcomer to town changes the dynamic.
But you could also argue it's about figuring out what these fragments are.... only no it's not cause it's never explored... they say they have explored it but they never do.

maybe it's about chickens?

Now it could just be that i didn't get the show. Fair enough... but there were these moments of good ideas that were just completely squandered.

Alternate world where instead of one character being the newcomer the other one is? neat idea.... over with in the episode it's introduced... never touched upon or explained or explored again.

Seeing visions of characters dying? doesn't matter... nothing bad happens to any of the characters so the scenes make no sense in the narrative.

Character relationships get shown often but it's all quite surface... the two mins seem to like each other out of nowhere and only because they share the ability.
and even then when something happens to change how the rules of this universe work it continues to make no sense and in the end has no reason to have happened in the first place.

This is a show about nothing..... but it's trying to be about a lot of things.

and in the end it was just a waste of time.... i hoped it would pull something amazing in those last few episodes and it just continued to get worse and worse. PA works is capable of doing so much better then this and i really hope their next project is a success.

So yeah, in my opinion, stay away from this waste of time and go watch Hanasaku Iroha or Nagi no Asukura instead because those are vastly better shows in every regard.

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