Sunday, 21 September 2014

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

Aka: Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

I am so bummed that this is over....

Okay so quick putting my Biases out there.
I don't tend to like anime about making manga cause it's got a lot of drama added and it's just kinda dumb. It's the same reason i'm not a fan of anime that focuses on art... it tends to be an unrealistic portrayal and that can be annoying.

This is actually pretty accurate.
and really funny
I laughed through pretty much every minute of the 12 episode run.
using your friends as references without them realizing? oh yeah... guilty.
Thinking up plots for things more then actually worrying about real world stuff... yeah been there done that.
using events around you as inspiration? hell yes.

I love it.

then to also have this weaving of character interaction that works perfectly with the fact that this one brutish lookign guy draws the girliest manga you can imagine and no one believes him... theres no hiding it... no fake drama... just a guy who mkaes manga and tends to recruit his friends into helping out.

now i have to look into if this is based on a manga... cause i need more.
it was just so cute and fun and funny
the characters were great and the animation lovely... plus the music was pretty good too. and once again Sentai licensed it so i'll definitely be picking up this and Captain earth the instant they are out.

i did sketch some fanart for this show but i never got around to inking it... i think i got a string of commissions and forgot about it... but maybe some fanart is in order.
for now if you like funny slice of life that doesn't rely on gags.... or are an artists who is less the descreet about getting your reference material (one time i was sitting with friends and as they were talking i just posed one of their arms and they looked at me like i was nuts.... but they held the pose so thats all i care about..... and maybe i'm a little nuts)
i think it's an all-round enjoyable show.

but seriously i wish there was more...

you can see it over on crunchyroll

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